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Toilet Seat Lifter

A clean and convenient way to lift the toilet seat

  • Encourages men and boys to lift and lower the seat
  • Easy to install under existing seat in seconds
  • Variety of colors
  • Fun animal versions for kids

Regular Designs

Kids Designs

Toilet Seat Lifter

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Toilet Seat Lifter

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People Love it!

Jennifer R.

Great for boys!

I always have to remind my 5-year old son to lift the seat when he goes! This makes lifting cleaner, easier and helps him to remember to do it! Really easy to install!

Mindy S.

A must for men!

This product really helped my husband to lift and lower the seat more frequently! The toilet seat had always been a source of nagging so it's helped our relationship too!

Laura W.

A great solution! 

Nobody likes touching the toilet seat! The product is easy to install and use.

Caroline W.

Less mess!

I'm a germaphobe so this is perfect for me! A must have for toddlers!