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Improve Hygiene and
Sustainability In Your Restrooms

A cleaner and better wipe for your patrons and employees to improve their bathroom experience.

100% flushable and sewer & septic safe!

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Transform toilet paper into a more sanitary, satisfying and sustainable way to wipe. 

Better Hygiene

There's about a tenth of a gram of poop in the average pair of underwear and fecal matter can carry germs (yuk!). It's crucial to thoroughly wipe away residue to minimize the risk of germ transmission and dry TP alone doesn't get the job done.

Protect Sewer Pipes

Even the so called "flushable" wipes people use after going can cause severe clogs and sewer damage as they don't  breakdown well enough.

Use less TP

Often it takes wipe after wipe after wipe to get clean. With Qleanse, people can wipe less and get clean faster. Save money on toilet paper and move peoplet through the bathroom more efficiently.

Increase Satisfaction

A clean, comfortable and convenient bathroom experience can be a big driver of satisfaction for your customers and/or employees. Wow them with Qleanse.

For a better bottom.

100% flushable.

 Won't break down toilet paper or leave skin feeling wet or sticky; truly safe for your pipes, sewer, and septic.

Gentle clean.

Qleanse toilet paper foam gives your bottom a soft, soothing clean you can't get with dry toilet paper alone. No-rinse foam. No residue.

99% Plant-based.

Free of parabens, toxins, dyes, alcohol, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances; better for your bottom and the earth.

A happier earth.

Just one bottle of Qleanse can keep 1,000 wet wipes from damaging our sewers and landfills, reducing harmful chemicals and waste.

1,000 ml Auto Dispenser

150 - 350ml Auto Dispenser

  • Elegant and stylish designs
  • Wall-mounted (sticker and drill options)
  • Refill options: pour bottles and disposables bags
  • Dispenser and formulation calibrated to provide optimal dose for bottom hygiene

What people are saying.

Made from 99%
plant-based ingredients.

Aloe Vera

To soothe and nourish your skin.

Vegetable Glycerin

A moisturizer for hydration and lubrication.


Plant extract used for moisturizing.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Derived from coconut - oil for foaming.

Natural Essential Oil

Fresh scent of lavender. Fragrance Free available

Safe Preservative

Less than 1% Euxyl® PE 9010 to prevent bacterial growth.

Citric Acid

For pH balancing. 


Purified water.

500+ Five-Star ReviewS

Over 1 million butts cleaned and counting...


Way. Better. Wiping.

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