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Our Story

Dry Toilet Paper Never Made Sense...

We've always found it somewhat irrational that dry toilet paper is the most common way to clean arguably the dirtiest part of our body. It doesn't make much sense, but we never really did much about it aside from occasionally wetting our toilet paper with water or exploring the use of wet wipes. These were problematic solutions as using just water destroys the toilet paper and wet wipes are filled with questionable chemicals, clog sewers, and are harmful to the environment as the microplastics never really biodegrade. 

What Motivated Us? Two Things...

Two major events in our lives led us to create Qleanse to try to solve this challenge. The first event was becoming parents to 3 wonderful and crazy kids! As they grew out of diapers and we began potty training, it was almost unfathomable to wipe their behinds with just dry toilet paper. So we continued to use wet wipes and would throw them in the garbage (which leaves a bad odor btw!). However, occasionally they would accidentally get flushed down the toilet. Flushing wipes, even ones labeled as "flushable", led to the next event. It ended up being a total disaster for us and our house.

Any Wet Wipe Is A Bad Idea...

Our sewer pipes became clogged from the wipes. With nowhere to go, the sewage backed up through our first-floor toilet and began flooding our house and basement. You can imagine the horror and downright filthiness. It was a traumatic experience for our family that caused disruption and displacement for 6 weeks and cost almost $50,000 in repairs!

No Going Back!

Needless to say, we became deathly afraid of flushing anything other than regular toilet paper. We created Qleanse as an easier, better, cleaner, and safer way to wipe with just ordinary toilet paper! Our kids are hooked on Qleanse (as are we!) and affectionately call out for the "Butt Spray" while on the toilet. Even at their young ages, it's amazing to see how our kids value wiping, feeling, and being clean just as much as we do. There's no going back to just dry toilet paper for this family!

We hope you will join us in our journey to help make the world a cleaner, more hygienic, and more sustainable place - one bathroom at a time!

-The Qleanse Family