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clean your bottom

help your 

Transform everyday toilet paper into a sustainable, gentle wipe. Perfect for:

Ulcerative Colitis

 A soothing clean for those with bleeding and painful stools. 

Crohn's Disease

Find relief form the irritation of conspiration and diarrhea.


Gain confidence over frequent, unpredictable bowel movements.

Frequent Wiping

For any Gl or dermatological conditions, Qleanse toilet paper foam gets you truly clean every time, anywhere.

Transform everyday toilet paper into a sustainable, soothing wipe.

100% flushable.

 Won't break down toilet paper or leave skin feeling wet or sticky; truly safe for your pipes, sewer, and septic.

Gentle clean.

Qleanse toilet paper foam gives your bottom a soft, soothing, noursishing clean you can't get with dry toilet paper or water alone. No-rinse foam. No residue.

99% Plant-based.

Free of parabens, toxins, dyes, alcohol, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances; better for your bottom.

A happier earth.

Just one bottle of Qleanse can keep 150 wet wipes from damaging our sewers and landfills, reducing harmful chemicals and waste.

Explore better ways to wipe.

Toilet Paper Foam Spray(150 wipes, lasts 2-3 months)

Toilet Paper Foam Spray + Caddy Holder (150 wipes lasts 2-3 months)

Toilet Paper Foam
Refill Bottle
(>1,000 wipes lasts 8-12 months)

Auto Dispenser
New - Ships mid Nov

What people are saying.

What people are saying.

Perfect for:

Potty training

An easier and cleaner way to teach your child how to wipe.

Sensitive bottoms

For those who go frequently or with pain, Qleanse is a necessity.

RV & Boats

Totally safe for septic sytems and composting toilets.


Stay fresh and clean on the go as the bottle easily fits in a purse, backpack, or pocket. 

Own the throne.

Toilet paper hasn't changed for a century. Wipes are wasteful, bidets are not portable, and TP is dry and irritating. Qleanse is a bathroom upgrade so obvious you'll wonder how you ever wiped without it.


Made from 99%
plant-based ingredients.

Aloe Vera

To soothe and nourish your skin.

Vegetable Glycerin

A moisturizer for hydration and lubrication.


Plant extract used for moisturizing.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Derived from coconut - oil for foaming.

Natural Essential Oil

Fresh scent of lavender. Fragrance Free available

Safe Preservative

Less than 1% Euxyl® PE 9010 to prevent bacterial growth.

Citric Acid

For pH balancing. 


Purified water.

500+ Five-Star ReviewS

Over 1 million butts cleaned and counting...


Way. Better. Wiping.

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