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  • You have one chance to place the wall attachment as the adhesive sticker is very strong. Please choose the location carefully before attaching.
    • Please read the instructions carefully and watch the video
    • Attach to tile or unpainted surfaces if possible
    • Ensure surface is dry and clean.
    • If attaching to drywall, the paint may be stripped off when removing
    • Do not place in an area where the sensor will unintentionally pick up motion
  • The sensor is very sensitive. Therefore, an accidental swipe or if the toilet paper is pulled away from the sensor too soon before all the foam is delivered may cause the foam to come out continuously (because the sensor does not detect anything in front of it anymore). If this occurs, turn off the unit to restart.


  • If the unit does not dispense foam: (1) clean the sensor in case foam is blocking it (2) restart the unit by taking out or replacing batteries. If the problem persists, contact


  • When refilling the dispenser, make sure to turn off the unit so the foam does not accidentally get delivered.